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Watch Out World — Our Startup Is Powered By Women

3 wooden circles with the icons for male, equal, and female.

As a majority women-owned startup, we think it’s important to live your values through your actions, one of which for us is SDG5-Gender Equality and might explain why nearly 80% of our advisors and team members are female.

Oh, did we mention we ALSO think it happens to be a competitive advantage?

Since March is Women’s History Month with International Women’s Day snugly embedded within it, we want to introduce you to the women of Unit — and recognize each of them for the accomplished business creators of impact and rad human beings they are.

Lynn Carpenter, Advisor

Lynn is flat out money when it comes to social impact companies looking in need of resources to capitalize in the marketplace. She’s a co-founder of Epoch Pi, an impact investment bank and Certified B Corp in Cleveland, Ohio. Lynn’s firm helps companies raise capital or transition their businesses, aligning capital with values to facilitate financial and human returns. Learn More/Connect.

Amy King, Advisor

Looking for a feel-good place to work for the day (or longer) in Dallas? Amy’s got you covered — she’s co-founder and COO of Good Coworking, a sustainability-focused coworking space in Dallas, TX, powered by 454 solar panels. It’s a future-focused workspace where you can cultivate a profitable business that does right by people and the planet. Amy’s personal impact centers on climate change activism and rescuing dogs. Learn More/Connect. 

Maria Kingery, Advisor

Maria, quite simply, “rocks.” She is a strategic business guide and leadership coach at 360Rocks and cofounder and chief impact officer of founding B Corp Southern Energy Management. Maria is wired across multiple impact networks, a leader in the B Corp movement, and an inspiration to all who know her. She focuses her impact on SDG8-Decent Work and Economic Growth and SDG13-Climate Action. Learn More/Connect.  

Rachel Lokken, Advisor

Rachel puts her legal training to work as a diversified litigator and a pro bono advocate. She works as a staff attorney for the Fair Share Housing Center. Her impact focus areas are reproductive rights, gender equality, voting laws, anti-racism/critical race theory, fair & inclusionary housing, equitable disaster housing recovery, air pollution/emissions, water pollution & animals. Learn More/Connect.

Polina Pinchevsky, Co-founder and CEO

Polina is a marketing communications pro and design dynamo with a decades’ long career as a social entrepreneur and creator of impact brands. In addition to Unit, Polina co-founded and serves as creative director for B Corp RoundPeg Benefit, a public benefit corporation and marketing communications consultancy in Silver Spring, MD. Learn More/Connect.

Alisa Herr, Co-founder and CTO

Need a secret code? Alisa’s probably got one for you as she’s been coding most of her life. This coding obsession culminated when she founded Unity Web Agency, a B Corp that specializes in creating inclusive and accessible websites for nonprofits and socially responsible businesses. Alisa heads up all things tech for Unit and lives in Raleigh, NC. Learn More/Connect. 

Jessica Le, Intern

Here comes the future of women in the workforce — Jessica’s our new intern at Unit. She’s a senior computer science major at the University of Maryland with a job (already!) awaiting her upon graduation as a software engineer at JPMorgan Chase & Co. As a STEM major, Jessica focuses her impact on (sing it!) gender equality, especially in regards to women in tech. Learn More/Connect.

Thanks to all these fab women for their contributions to Unit and their powerful professional and personal impact in the world at large. Oh, and while our startup is largely fueled by women, we’d be remiss without a quick shout-out to a couple of men who also help power the platform: advisor Justin Belleme, founder and director of strategy at JB Media Group in Asheville, NC, and our third co-founder, Russ Stoddard. We love you guys, too.