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B Corp Cubed: The Power of Collaboration

Many different multi-colored ropes tied together in a star-shaped pattern.

When our three B Corps (Roundpeg, Unity Web Agency, and Oliver Russell) came together to develop the Unit of Impact platform for impact reporting, we like to think we “cubed” the power of our individual agencies by a power of three.  Instead of three companies working separately, the combination of the three sparks a multiplier effect where the sum becomes exponentially bigger than the parts. It’s a great way to expand resources, increase efficiencies, and scale impact. (While it doesn’t correlate exactly, for demonstration purposes, here’s the equation we’re referencing: 33 = 27.)

We set intentions to bring this same multiplier effect to bear on our external partner selection, placing a priority on working with other B Corps or organizations with an overt impact mission. In this way not only would we be able to work with companies and individuals in alignment with our social and environmental aims, we’d also be providing financial resources (energy!) to these companies to help them increase their potential for success, and thus multiplying our own impact.

So far in our brief life with limited startup funds, we’ve applied this concept to partnerships with two B Corps: Hemmings House and JB Media Group. (We’ve also had the good fortune to wrangle three high-quality B Corp leaders to join our advisory board: Lynn Carpenter of Epoch Pi, Justin Belleme of JB Media Group, and Maria Kingery of 360Impact and Southern Energy Management. We made certain last year to thank them with gifts from B Corp Narrative Food. Oh, and while we’re riding the B train, let’s not forget our legal firm, Nazareth Bonaficio Law, which is currently pursuing B Corp certification.)

In developing a marketing website, we knew we needed an explainer video to quickly demonstrate how our impact report platform works. We looked at lots of potential partners, focusing on B Corps certification as a primary differentiator. We went way up north to Canada and selected B Corp Hemmings House of Saint John, New Brunswick, which specializes in positive impact storytelling. Could we have gotten it done cheaper? Sure. But we had to ensure quality and we wanted to circulate our precious startup funds to support another B Corp. Truth be told, this was likely a little job for Hemmings House — they do some fabulous work on big-time productions as well — think series, documentaries, that kind of thing — but they gladly took on our explainer video and did a great job with it. You can preview it before our site goes live below, and also check out a gallery of Hemmings House’s broader work.

As a SaaS product, we know that our impact report platform will, in many ways, live or die via the success of our digital marketing. So, we were determined up our game and our chances by investing in a digital marketing consultant. JB Media Group of Asheville, NC, was an easy choice – they’ve got tons of experience in the impact category, a deep understanding of partnership marketing, and – yes! – they’re a B Corp! When we launch the first version of our platform next month, our efforts will be enhanced by the strategy they’ve developed for us around SEO, content marketing, and partner marketing. You can check out their impressive roster of impact-driven clients and services.

So that whole cubed thing we started with? Instead of the original equation of 33=27, we like to think it’s now become 35=243 through just two partnerships. (Okay, we’re no mathematicians; this is only intended as an illustration of how you can scale impact by thoughtfully partnering with other like-minded organizations. You get the idea.)

We’re not stopping there. Next month — our big month of version 1 launch for the Unit of Impact reporting platform — this equation will again see dramatic changes. We will begin onboarding B Corps and mission-driven organizations, helping them measure, improve, and report their impact more easily and to greater effect. And in helping them succeed in business, we’ll multiply our own impact to the nth degree as well.

To infinity and beyond…