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First Impact Report Published on Unit of Impact

A knotted-up clump of squiggles that turns into an organized spiraled line.

Well, THAT didn’t take long!

Fresh out of the gates after the launch our impact reporting platform weeks earlier, Rivanna Natural Designs jumped right in and created its 2021 Impact Report — the first impact report produced using our Unit of Impact platform.

We’re mighty impressed with the result, but before we look at Rivanna’s impact report, let’s learn a little bit about this company — because it’s a model for all of us who are using business for its power to create social and environmental impact.

Rivanna manufactures and markets plaques and awards that are eco-friendly plus “Made in America.” Rivanna is a certified B Corporation, and its business model is anchored around a philanthropic commitment to donate 2% of its sales each year to charity. This social commitment is mirrored by an equally strong pledge to environmental impact as Rivanna has set a goal to become Net Zero in its carbon emissions by 2025.

(Shameless plug: If you’re looking for beautiful, eco-friendly plaques or awards for your company, contact Rivanna — check out their collection.)

Now on to Rivanna’s impact report, which Rivanna used to communicate and demonstrate in a highly visual way how they are proof-positive living up to their social and environmental impact commitments.

The Rivanna online annual impact report displays beautifully on all screen sizes.

Rivanna leads its impact report by introducing us to its brand foundation: conveying its mission, communicating its guiding values, and reinforcing its commitment to social impact as depicted by the UN Sustainable Development Goals it pursues: No Poverty, Affordable and Clean Energy, Sustainable Cities and Communities, Responsible Consumption and Production, Climate Action, Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions.

Founder and CEO Crystal Mario leads with an opening letter to stakeholders, talking about rebounding from the disruptions of the pandemic onset in 2020 while establishing a company best for charitable donations.

The impact report then flows into key metrics that buttress buttressed and quantify some of the impacts Rivanna is making: metric tons of waste diverted, 3.5; renewable energy, 100%; charitable giving, 2% of sales; and carbon-neutral shipping, 100%.

The report segues from here into narrative storytelling, demonstrating examples of its work in the community through volunteerism, charitable donations, international recognition for its business model, and customer satisfaction and retention.

The impact report is easily accessed in the “About” section of the Rivanna website. (The report is hosted on the Unit of Impact web server as part of our subscription service.)

“I think Rivanna actually took our impact report template design and made it even better,” said Unit CEO and co-founder Polina Pinchevsky — no small praise from someone who is a lauded and highly awarded graphic designer.

So where does this leave you, friends? With year-end fast approaching, it will soon be time for your organization to produce its annual impact report cataloging the many good deeds it has achieved on behalf of people and the planet. We’d like to help you make your process easier and your impact report more professional, so we’re offering a limited-time discount for the early birds who flock to our platform. Through the end of the year, just type in promo code EarlyBird2022 when you sign up for an annual subscription and you’ll save 20%. So, let’s give your impact wings and let’s fly, early birds, let’s fly!