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Celebrating Our Pioneers of Purpose

A horse drawing a covered wagon through a desert. The wagon has a Unit of Impact logo on the side. Illustration.

Later this month, we’ll celebrate our one-year anniversary of launching Unit of Impact, the first platform to help socially responsible small businesses measure and share the story of their social and environmental impact. We’d like to recognize the Pioneers of Purpose (customers) who jumped in with us on this new venture, and we also thought you’d find some of the metrics behind our growing community of customers to be interesting.

The world of startups is rough and tumble, with highs and lows and missteps galore. So, we’d like to begin by sharing some customer feedback of the type that gives us the energy to keep moving forward. It comes from Crystal Mario, CEO and Founder of Rivanna Natural Designs — Crystal started with us pre-launch as a beta tester and migrated to the live platform when we launched. She’s already published two impact reports using Unit of Impact.

“Not only do I admire and respect your work and vision for Unit of Impact, but I (and our company) have received real value from your product. Impact reporting is arduous and time consuming, and when I think of the hours (likely days) of time that you saved me over the past two years, I am deeply grateful. Plus, you and your team are true collaborators, actively soliciting feedback at every opportunity, working to build a community that shares best practices, sharing your enthusiasm for work well done. I love it all.”

Crystal Mario, CEO and Founder, Rivanna Natural Designs, Inc.

Now, let’s have a look at the numbers.

So far, we have 40 customers on the platform. The companies are in 18 states, two Canadian provinces (British Columbia and Ontario, represent!), and Greece (Ya su! <hello!>)

Of our customers, 50% are companies with whom we have established connections (we know someone there) and the remaining half are completely new to us — ah, the wonder of the World Wide Web. 

B Corps constitute 67% of our customer base, which isn’t surprising given that our company was started by three B Corp companies that have deep roots in the community. Socially responsible businesses comprise the other 33% of our customers and are growing fast.

Fifty-two percent of the B Corps are also public benefit corporations (PBCs) – the latter generally having a requirement to publish an annual benefit report, aka impact report. This compares to the broader B Corp community where 11% of the certified companies have also adopted public benefit corporation governance.

We have one standalone benefit corporation, Blue Planet Optics. (Blue Planet Optics could use a little company, don’t you think, benefit corporations? Hint, hint…)

Now onto the Pioneers of Purpose who are using our platform to measure their impact and share the story of their good works via our impact report generator.

Thank you for helping us build and improve Unit of Impact. We’ll start by recognizing the companies that have published impact reports using our platform over the last year:

And here are the Pioneers of Purpose that are in the process of creating their impact reports using Unit of Impact:

Are you trying to get the most impact out of your impact? Join our Pioneers of Purpose and save tons of time while making your impact work for you with powerful storytelling. Sign up today.