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Partnerships Make Social Impact Companies Stronger

Synchronized swimmers making a starburst pattern in a pool.

When we came together to create this Unit of Impact, we made partnerships a core part of our go-to-market strategy for a few reasons:

  • Partnerships are a proven marketing tactic. You side-step the cold call by getting a warm intro to new and aligned audiences from a brand they trust, which predisposes potential customers to engage with you or at least listen to what you have to say. It provides ready-made content for customer email outreach, social media posts, and blog content for your website. Even a small item like backlinks, such as those in this article, can be helpful to a partner’s SEO. So, chalk one up for awareness, engagement, and conversion.
  • Customer referrals and affiliate programs can provide much-needed incremental income for partners.
  • Partnerships are especially important for the social impact space because it’s a challenging business to be in — tougher, we think, than traditional business for many reasons (are you nodding?) — and any help we can give another social enterprises is worthwhile to support their business and impact.*
  • When social impact companies come together on co-promotion they jointly convey the mission message of business for good and expose new groups — workers, customers, communities — to the fundamentals of this growing movement.

We should add that with three B Corps as co-founders, we’re collaborative by nature — partnering is in our values set. We put it into action every day and that’s likely why we were honored to be nominated for “Best Collaborative Company” in this year’s Real Leaders Impact Awards.

We are fortunate to have nine values-aligned, co-marketing partners who recognize the power and wisdom of collaboration. We’d like to recognize them for the impact they create every day — and for spreading the word about Unit of Impact across their networks while embracing a new potential revenue stream via our commission program. Win-win!

  • Carbon Neutral Club: Carbon Neutral Club helps companies meet their climate targets by engaging employees in climate education, sustainability challenges, and personalized carbon reduction journeys.
  • Cultivating Capital: A B Corp consulting specialist, Cultivating Capital also offers impact management services and operates the B Impact Collective, the first online community to bring together B Corp enthusiasts.
  • Echo Systems: Echo Systems is a Philadelphia-area, member-based network of businesses, organizations, and community members intent upon eliminating single-use waste.
  • Ecodeo: Ecodeo connects mission-driven social impact brands & B corps with their audiences through professional video production, animation & creative, moving storytelling.
  • Impact Essentials: Impact Essentials has decades of experiences leading corporate social responsibility initiatives for clients ranging from global brands to small businesses and organizations. 
  • Measure Meant: Measure Meant is a social impact consulting firm that provides B Corp certification services, sustainability strategy, ESG reporting, and climate action planning and implementation.
  • Mighty Epiphyte Consulting: Mighty Epiphyte Consulting helps businesses serve people and planet as a force for good, with specialty consulting practices in business analysis, B Corp certification, benefit reports, and educational training.
  • The Sustainable Business Network (SBN) of Greater Philadelphia: SBN is a pioneering community of local, independent businesses that demonstrates the degree to which businesses can build profitable enterprises while serving community needs, sharing wealth, and protecting the environment.
  • Tradewater: Tradewater creates, develops, and implements high-value projects that permanently prevent the world’s most potent greenhouse and ozone-depleting gasses (halocarbons such as refrigerants and methane) from releasing into the atmosphere.

So, if you need help with a range of services, from certifying as a B Corp, building sustainability programs, video marketing, or offsetting your carbon footprint (and more), please check out our partners.

* For more on how social impact companies can help one another, check out this article by Ryan Honeyman of LIFT Economy. While the post is focused on B Corps, the lessons are relevant to any socially responsible business.