Mighty strides made in community and environmental impacts!

I'm proud to report the impacts made in 2022. Consistent donations were made to long standing organizations, and added very strong local organizations. Named to the Board of Exit the Maze.
I was invited to two podcasts: All of Your Business and The War Room.
Mighty Epiphyte rejoined important organizations and newly joined: Business for a Better Portland and The Bellwether Alliance.
Dedication and advocacy is exciting, by working together for strong goals, we can make a different. Mighty Epiphyte is dedicated to helping companies do well and helping organizations make strong impacts that can be felt!

With respect and gratitude,
Kim Allchurch Flick
mightyepiphyte.com | [email protected]

Our purpose is to help businesses serve people and the planet as a force for good, leaving the world a better place.

Mighty Epiphyte Consulting is your full service guide to doing good through impacts! Navigating how to measure and improve impacts, write benefit reports and market your good work and values. The ultimate guide to certifying as B Corp, every step of the way. Helping you save time, money while gaining focus and recognition.

Our Values

  • Dedication
  • Service
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Honest Authenticity
  • Equity and inclusion
  • Honor Time

Our Social Impact

Mighty Epiphyte is a B Corp, Benefit Corporations for Good, 1% for the Planet company striving from the heart for equity, strengthening communities, care for the environment as businesses and people.

#5: Gender Equality #8: Decent Work and Economic Growth #9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure #10: Reduced Inequalities #12: Responsible Consumption and Production #13: Climate Action #15: Life On Land #16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions #17: Partnerships For The Goals

B Corp, Institute for Equity Centered Coaching, Benefit Corporations for Good, 1% for the Planet
Investment in Black Founders Matter - BFM Fund
Non-profits supported.
Board member: GlobalPDX, White Bird Dance, Exit the Maze, In A Landscape, GLEF, CCD, Confluence Project. Volunteer Hours: 40. Donations $3830
Local support organization memberships: B Local PDX, Business for a Better Portland, The Bellwether Alliance, Oregon Entrepreneur Network OEN, Global PDX, World Oregon, Oregon Historical Society, Clark Conservation District

Impact on Community

Mighty Advocate

Giving to and supporting local organizations and businesses is a way that small and local becomes long and deeply lasting. Mighty Epiphyte is dedicated through advocacy, volunteering, donations, memberships and meaningful relationships

Impact on Environment

Mighty Epiphyte works on land, water and habitat

Mighty Epiphyte supports 1$ for the Planet annually, in 2022 including Growing Gardens and Friends of Trees. A home based business, in the 2nd year of the Certified Backyard Habitat Gold certification and National Wildlife Federation Habitat Certification. Actively wilding 10 acres as well. Volunteer and donate to Confluence, Clark Conservation District and Rememberland.

Impact on People

Supporting people by advocating for their works!

Kim is on the board of: Exit the Maze, White Bird Dance, Golden Leaf Education Foundation and Mighty Epiphyte has memberships to organizations that rally to make big impacts for equity, businesses and community improvements. Throughout the year, it’s imperative to advocate for a variety of businesses. This is done through support of Pitch Black, the pitch fest for Black owned business, Built OR and more. Working also part time at the SBDC, Kim dedicates time to business fundamentals advising, helping businesses start, grow and thrive.

Our Partnerships

Exponential Partnerships

Partnering with Benefit Corporations for Good to advocate for businesses. Member of Business for a Better Portland, and organization that works on business concerns and homelessness, transportation, safety and strives to make improvements in these areas through collective voice and action. Partner with social enterprise companies.


Forging new pathways for good

Mighty Epiphyte Consulting — helping others make strong impacts:

  • In 2023 create and deliver a live, online curricula for business people in cohorts to create more ideas for impacts, learn how to measure and report them, and guide through the certifications processes.
  • Certify as Coach in the Institute for Equity Centered Coaching (certified Leadership track in 2022)
  • Strive for greater environmental impacts and stewardship with the help of Clark Conservation District.
  • Continue to be an activist for equity and an advocate!
  • Help current clients and attract new clients across the US
  • Enjoy being a force for  good by helping others.

Public Benefits and Disclosures

Mighty Epiphyte adheres to Oregon Requirements:
The extent to which the benefit company provided a general public benefit and the actions and methods the benefit company used to provide the general public benefit. (on file).
Annual Benefit Reporting is transparent, tracking impacts is ongoing.