Mighty Strides were made in 2023 in Human Centered Services Work as an Equity Centered Practice.

Mighty Epiphyte Consulting impacts positive change by supporting people who are working to improve the world! Running a business is a lot of work, we help you anticipate, prepare, measure and report your good works, we educate employees and partners and prepare you for certifications such as B Corp. Mighty Epiphyte carries time burdens and is a supportive partner for you to thrive, we cheer your wins and advocate for you.
Mighty Epiphyte Consulting is your full service guide to doing good through impacts! Navigating how to measure and improve impacts, write benefit reports and market your good work and values. We help customers find you for your values! Providing the ultimate guide to certifying as B Corp or Benefit Corporations for good, helping you prepare every step of the way. Save time, money while gaining focus and recognition.

Our Values

  • Dedication
  • Advocacy & Service
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Equity Centered Practice
  • Kindness
  • Adventure & Curiosity

Our Social Impact

Mighty Epiphyte Consulting impacts positive change by supporting people who are working to improve the world! As a service company, the main public benefits are advocacy and support of strong organizations that provide tremendous benefits to community and the environment. We provide support to companies who are doing great work! One of the methods for gauging impacts is through the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs. Below are the SDGs touched upon the most in 2023.

#5: Gender Equality #10: Reduced Inequalities #13: Climate Action #15: Life On Land #16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions #17: Partnerships For The Goals

To everyone who loves the idea of business as a force for good. Together we can bring change.

I am writing to express my enthusiasm and support for the growing trend of social impact businesses. Going into 2024, I’m optimistic about how companies and people are increasingly becoming change makers for social and environmental good. At Mighty Epiphyte we focus on all these aspects as an equity centered practice through due diligence, curiosity, and deep listening to create positive outcomes.

Inspiration is everywhere. Locally I see companies being created with the goal of solving a problem.  Founders are bringing their lived experience to make life better for people through a product or service. I love to support these efforts, certification or no. People are looking for companies with good values, our goal is to help support the connection. Some impactful companies choose not to certify as B Corp or become a Benefit Corporations for Good. And that’s ok, I’m a mighty advocate, here to help with the impacts and expressions of company values. We have an incredible community of social enterprise, from small companies to large, local and multinational, service, consumer goods and more. I’m blessed and happy every day to be a part of this community and be supportive every step of the way. When and if a founder wishes to certify help is here, with guidance and the roadmap for preparation and completion of B Lab for B Corp, and the Benefit Corporations for Good. It’s a choice, Mighty Epiphyte is your full service to help companies thrive and be impactful.

We had a big year with amazing clients, they are our inspiration! We continue on as a Benefit Corporations for Good and B Corp Certified Benefit company, certifying at the Institute for Equity Centered Coaching (IECC) in the Leadership Track and Coaching, and be coming a founding member of the Exchange at the IECC. We also made greater strides in environmental stewardship and in community giving, acting locally while also engaging globally.

As we move forward, it is essential to continue championing and promoting social impact businesses.  Together, we can foster a business ecosystem where success is measured not only by financial gains but also by the positive impact on people,  and the planet. It is heartening to witness the positive outcomes that social impact businesses can achieve. We love working in this ecosystem, helping companies thrive.

With Respect and Gratitude,


Kim Allchurch Flick MIM MBA
Increase in volunteer hours over 2022. It was an amazing year to be out there, engaging with community on a volunteer level. Thank you for the opportunity.
Increase in donations to social and environmental causes over 2022. Locally and globally, there are some terrific organizations that do amazing things. We support them in doing what we cannot do.
Podcasts and public speaking events. It's great to be out there going to events and being a part of the narrative.

2023 brought an increase in volunteer hours to 100 spent on environmental causes and social impact events. Donations increased, supporting some organizations consistently and some for the first time. it was an honor to be invited to podcasts and to present at events last year as well. We strive to be Mighty Advocates.

— Unit of Impact Dashboard

Impact on Community

Supporting Organizations that Support our Communities!

Becoming a member of an organization can be more than a sense of belonging, it can enhance opportunities for doing good in community.  We love working with and supporting these organizations.

It was great to volunteer with the Oregon Entrepreneur Network (OEN) and even be a judge for the 2nd year during their Entrepreneurship Awards!

Helping emerging businesses is also a labor of love, Kim gives time as an advisor with Xcelerate Women and the Small Business Development Center, coaching businesses in their beginning phases and working with established companies in growth phases. Helping local businesses is to help our communities too!

In community impacts, advocacy our cornerstone. Our clients and potential clients are doing amazing things. We actively advocate for them and support businesses that aren’t clients as well.  The art of advocacy is the joy of supporting someone for their efforts, often without them knowing! This photo is from a Portland Business Journal article on Dtocs, a wonderful company founded by Pallavi Pande. As an example, we support her efforts by not only buying and recommending the products, but advocating for her work, her mission, and her impacts!

Advocacy is about supporting others with nothing in return.  By advocating for businesses and supporting the founders and the workers, we’re advocating for our community, families, local economics and thriving. This is one of the areas where business and personal support are so important.

Community is also about connections. I love finding opportunities to connect people to each other and to opportunities, wherever they may arise!

Impact on Environment

Strides in Environmental Stewardship and Support

As a service company, it’s sometimes daunting to think of ways to make environmental impacts, yet we made big strides in 2023.  Working remotely the space is a Certified Backyard Habitat and National Wildlife Federation certified Habitat. We’re making strides with neighbors as well. These are some small local ways to support the environment.

We consider environmental impacts as what we can accomplish and how we can support others in their efforts in terms of:

Local                                  Global

Of our making                Supporting organizations

Locally and of our doing, with neighbors we’re supporting restoration of salmon habitat through a riparian grant with Clark Conservation District. We also volunteer during their native plant sale.

At the end of the year, we became active with Cascadia Carbon to begin documenting trees to help with carbon offsets. This is a new company that encourages private landowners with even one tree in stewardship and helps with offsets for companies. Stay tuned!

Local and globally we support organizations that are doing great things in a big way;  1% For the Planet and Our Children’s Trust for some mighty big wins! I wrote a blog about this organization after their Montana win, they do amazing environmental work in support of humanity for the future of children and us with a strong equity focus. Changing legislation and policy is a mighty big effort and we’re happy to follow their efforts and support them.

Impact on People

People in our Midst Doing Mighty Great Things

Mighty Epiphyte Consulting has an amazing board. They’re all accomplishing wonderful things in the community.  From important podcasts with Keith Sconiers The Purpose Podcast to the Himalay Rao Potlapally  of the BFM Fund creating of Venture Partners bringing diversity to venture capital investing. Mary Ann Aschenbrenner of Waterlink Web giving back with volunteerism and supporting environmental efforts.  Erik Croswell leads Bridge City Media to be consistently dual certified as B Corp and Benefit Corporations for Good, while Nedra Rezinas is constantly sharing her expertise to help entrepreneurs and business students, and offering no cost resources and time.

I’m in awe every day.

I laud the people in the arts who are bringing stories and life experiences to communities that have not always found the arts to be accessible. Covid was a tough time and it is not lost on us the hard work and challenges for the musicians, artists, dancers and other creatives. Supporting the arts is to support community. We see you, if only from a seat. We celebrate the growing inclusivity that is apparent.

Kim supports entrepreneurs, coaching part time at SBDC, Oregon City Biz Pod and Xcelerate Women, while also being a member of and volunteering with entrepreneur supporting organizations.

Thank you and all those who support you.

Our Partnerships

Learning, Advocating, Supporting

We’re blessed to be in an amazing business and entrepreneurship ecosystem. With these organizations we volunteer, donate, attend events, contribute where we can and support their good work!


Never Stand Still!

2024 holds a road map to educational offerings in addition to consulting services. We’re constantly striving for the greater good, stay tuned!

Public Benefits and Disclosures

We follow all B Corp, Benefit Corporations for good and Oregon: ORS 60.754 . guidelines