2021 Impact Report

Celebrating Five Years of Impact

We stuck together as a team through a second year of remote work.

Our Mission

Making the internet radically inclusive, one website at a time.

Our Values

  • Embrace differences
  • Lead with love
  • Create with curiosity
  • Invest in the greater good

Our Social Impact

As a woman-owned Certified B Corporation, we intentionally create positive economic, environmental, and social impacts for our community. We hire local talent, volunteer company time for STEM mentorship and environmental service, and donate at least 5% of yearly profits to one or more North Carolina-based 501(c)3 nonprofits.

#5: Gender Equality #10: Reduced Inequalities #17: Partnerships For The Goals We use the impact framework provided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Letter from our CEO

Dear friends,

Throughout 2021, we embarked on initiatives that underscore our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and our dedicated team.

We launched our referral program and welcomed a full-time marketing member, amplifying our marketing strategies and bolstering sales. Our enduring dedication to ethical and sustainable practices led us to recertify as a B Corp with an impressive score of 114.6 points. Importantly, we invested in our team’s well-being by increasing benefits, adding part-time team member perks, and instituting a company-wide closure for the Juneteenth holiday.

As we reflect on these achievements, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to each of you for your invaluable contributions. The journey ahead holds immense promise, and I am excited to continue working together in shaping a future of even greater significance and success.

Alisa Herr

Annual Highlights

We completed our first B Corp recertification

Based on the B Impact assessment, Unity Web Agency earned an overall score of 114.6. This was an increase of 32.5 points from our initial certification in 2018!

The Webby Awards Official Honoree

We were honored that our work on the ResearchTriangle.org website was honored for Best Websites and Mobile Sites: Associations in the 25th Annual Webby Awards.

By The Numbers

Donated to NC-based nonprofits
Points on the B Impact Assessment
Website Projects Launched

Impact on People

Personally, I feel appreciated and valued by the team for what I do, and the different way I think and approach issues. Its really nice to be appreciated pretty regularly, without actively seeking it out. Everyone on the team is genuinely kind and caring, and it permeates how we work together and with clients. The CEO genuinely cares about what you want to do with your career, and seeks realistic win-win solutions on how the business can support you. I absolutely love how each of us get to show up as professionals and humans in our team—quirks, ups and downs! When one of us is having a down day, our team members express so much empathy and compassion.
— Current team member

Our Partnerships

We are proud to announce a new strategic partnership with Ablr that will enhance shared goals of increasing web accessibility and inclusion on the internet.

Ablr is a Digital Accessibility and Inclusion company that combines humanity + technology to bring 100% compliance to your digital content. Ablr’s innovative solutions and services empower the lives of people living with a disability. Ablr’s team of analysts ensures content and digital assets adhere to the federal requirements of ADA, Section 508, and WCAG. In addition to confirming compliance, Ablr’s testers, who are visually impaired, can ensure digital content is actually usable for people with disabilities – something technology alone hasn’t mastered.


Looking ahead — Goals for the future

I absolutely love how each of us get to show up as professionals and humans in our team -- quirks, ups and downs! When one of us is having a down day, our team members express so much empathy and compassion.

In 2022, we will invest in internal improvements that will help us serve our customers even better. We will:

  1. Improve our post-service experience: Identify areas of improvement for our clients who don’t have active projects. This includes our hosting and support clients. Our goal is to make measurable improvements that result in increased client satisfaction.
  2. Improve our sales process: Create and document processes for our sales team to follow. The result will be less time spent on proposals, quicker turnaround time on estimates and proposals, and a more predictable and reliable cadence for communications during the sales process.