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Welcome to the first impact
report solution designed for
small businesses

Feel like crushing your impact report?
You’ve come to the right place.

Our platform helps you efficiently collect and organize your impact data — then transform it into a professional and compelling social impact report, quickly and easily.

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You’re busy 24/7 running a small social impact business and the demands on your resources are many. We get it! With Unit of Impact, you’ll be able to:

Save Time
Crunched for time? Hello! No more frustrating searches for data across multiple spreadsheets and documents — it’s all here in one place.
Maximize Your Impact
Turn your impact into an asset that attracts customers and new employees, satisfies shareholders and investors, and makes your employees and community proud of your endeavors.
Fulfill Responsibilities
From disclosures to producing and sharing a stellar annual benefit report, our platform makes it easy for Public Benefit Corporations to fulfill their legal impact reporting requirements.
Grow Your Networks
Get smarter at business and creating impact with our helpful and inspiring resources and community of impact companies.


Our job is to make yours easier — and your impact more compelling. Our platform helps you:

impact reports

Measure what matters across 4 impact reporting categories

This module covers the governing impact principles you have embedded into your company, from your social impact framework and certifications to transparently reporting to your stakeholders.

How it Works

Enter Data

Sounds like a robotic command, right? Seriously — collect and enter your data all in one place so you’re free from time-consuming searches.

Create Impact Report

The fun part — bring your impact report design to life with our impact report templates created by impact marketing pros.

Share Your Social Impact

People love rallying around a company that does good. So let your stakeholders feel the love by sharing your story of good across the web.

Data Management

Stop Searching — It’s All Here
  • Centralizing reduces time suck and headaches
  • Dashboard makes you an insights whiz
  • Measure what matters to improve your impact
Unitco Dashboard in use managing data

Greater Impact

Next Level Your Social Impact
  • Forecast and plan for different impact outcomes
  • Set goals to grow your impact
  • Engage team through regular impact reporting
Impact report example

Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Your Impact Never Looked So Good
  • Create reports that rise to the level of your impact
  • Ensure best impact reporting practices
  • Use impact to attract and activate new customers
Three mobile phones displaying different impact reports

Here’s why companies are using Unit of Impact

Community is at your core, and you’re pressed for time and dollars. Unit of Impact mainstreams the impact of Main Street by making your impact more efficient and compelling, saving you money while increasing your fans.

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