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Our Story

Unit Co. was started by three small businesses — Certified B Corps all — who were looking for a user-friendly product to help them measure and report their social impact.
When they couldn't find a solution in the marketplace, they decided to build it themselves. The result is Unit of Impact, the first impact report platform designed especially for small business.
Unit Co. is a woman majority-owned, public benefit corporation headquartered in Maryland, with satellite offices in North Carolina and Idaho.


Our Unit of Impact
Polina Pinchevsky, CEO

Polina has a decades’ long career as a social entrepreneur. She co-founded and serves as creative director for B Corp RoundPeg, a public benefit corporation and marketing communications consultancy in Silver Spring, MD.

Alisa Herr, CTO

Alisa has been coding most of her life. This culminated when she founded Unity Web Agency, a B Corp that specializes in creating inclusive and accessible websites for nonprofits and socially responsible businesses. She lives in Raleigh-Durham, NC.

Russ Stoddard Russ Stoddard, CMO

Russ is a branding expert and leader in the B Corp community. He founded B Corp Oliver Russell, a social impact branding agency in Boise Idaho. A serial social entrepreneur, he has started several B Corps and public benefit corporations.

Advisory Board

Our Team of Impact Pros
Justin Belleme
Justin is the founder and director of strategy at JB Media Group, a digital marketing agency and Certified B Corp in Asheville, North Carolina. He focuses his impact on climate action and racial equity work.
Lynn Carpenter
Lynn is a co-founder of Epoch Pi, an investment bank and Certified B Corp in Cleveland, Ohio. Lynn's firm helps companies raise capital or transition their businesses, aligning capital with values to facilitate financial and human returns.
Maria Kingery
Maria is a strategic business guide and leadership coach at 360Impact and cofounder and chief impact officer of founding B Corp Southern Energy Management. Maria is a leader in the B Corp movement and focuses her impact on SDGs climate action and decent work and economic growth.
Rachel Lokken
Rachel is a diversified litigator and pro bono advocate currently working as a staff attorney for the Fair Share Housing Center. Her focus areas for impact are reproductive rights, gender equality, voting laws, anti-racism/critical race theory, fair & inclusionary housing, equitable disaster housing recovery, air pollution/emissions, water pollution & animals.
Garima Sahai
Garima is a seasoned technology leader with 20+ years of global product & organizational experience and a strong passion for social impact. She was recently Engineering Director at Google for Local Search/Map Ads, and currently on the Board of Directors for Family Engagement Lab, an edtech nonprofit. She has also served as a DEI Lead, Women in Tech champion, volunteer while at Google.
Christina Sjahli
Christina is the founder and CEO of Profit Reimagined Inc., a finance-backed office and fractional CFO services firm and a Certified B Corp in Toronto, Ontario. She is also the host of “Her CEO Journey: The Business Finance Podcast for Mission-Driven.” Christina’s impact focus areas are poverty, gender equality, decent work and economic growth, and reduced inequalities.

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